EoE offers personalized wellness programs, content and events for individuals and companies to elevate and expand their livelihoods. 

Company Wellness

Company Wellness

Like people, companies operate more efficiently towards their potential when their wellbeing is in balance. Corporate wellness is equally personal as it is collective. Our programs offer meditations, training, workshops and resources to empower employees and executives in their work/life balance and with collaborations, stress management and inspired productivity. We also offer wellness programming for hotels, member clubs and residential buildings.

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Personal Wellness

Personal Wellness

Tap into your own powers to expand your world, raise your vibration and attract more goodness into your life. Our gently guided content, sessions and events will inspire you to live more fully, aligned, authentic and free. Through coaching, coursework, resources and exercises, you can reconnect with the tools and wisdom that nurture your greatest wellbeing. Expect shifts, uplifts, revelations and transformations and to feel a greater connection to your life, power and potential.

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Stay updated on events, news, our program roll-out and other nourishments for the mind, body + spirit. Look out for the virtual course soon!

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