My fire is to inspire peace, love and harmony.

Through this work I witness many incredible “elevations”, breakthroughs, and transformations. I can say without a doubt in mind that all people are beautiful, no matter what they are going through in life. Humanity is filled with incredible spirits. Working so closely with people and their dreams, pains and prides has strengthened this belief, and has brought me such incredible wisdom and connection along the way.

My personal drive behind EoE comes from wanting to share tips and shortcuts from my own life transformations and spiritual awakening, paired with a massive love for people, this Earth and our collective potential, for which I could never lose optimism for. Yes, there is so much unnecessary suffering in the world, but it all starts in the minds and feelings of people. We live in a utopia, with enough natural food, resources, land diversity and medicines to nourish us all, and then some. Our inner dramas and turmoil manifests out into the world, creating our reality. World peace is as easy as all taking the responsibility to live our best lives and lovingly sort out whatever inside might be hindering us from living simple formula. World peace, peace in humanity and living in harmony with the Earth exists in the inner peace of each and every one of us. The packaged EoE program is an offering to help people along their way on this transformative journey.

My Background: I was the little girl that ran around giving hugs and flowers to random strangers, dogs and trees, and who would ask anyone sitting next to me for their stories. I would (and still do) emit love to all beings, even spiders. Today, frolicking around spreading seeds of love and empowerment and getting people to open up for a good chat remains some of my greatest work. I have long held a great passion for human spirit potential, which has fueled my studies in self-development, philosophy, wellness, alternative healthcare and spirituality. I’ve manifested as an entrepreneur who has enjoyed building community around media and experiences in the worlds of identity (fashion/lifestyle), pop culture, wellness and social philanthropy. EoE offers a compressed, organized and streamlined version of accumulated experiences and lessons along the way. I am grateful to be spending my time doing what I love to do: connecting with others, guiding people (and sometimes their businesses) in expanding using their own potential, practicing healing arts like Reiki and intuitive healing, bringing together people, missions and resources, and spending time in the natural world. In addition to sessions, I enjoy leading aligned group workshops, discussions and events. Beyond EoE, I am involved in some wonderful companies and projects, including “crowdsourced solutions” platform I love collaborating – so please connect if inspired. Much love and blessings to you!

Erin Ralph



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