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Company wellbeing is as much about individual health as it is about the collective health, attitudes and life force of its entire organizations. EoE programs are rooted in the conversations, content, enrichment and initiatives that recognize and enhance the wholeness of the team or community. Wholesome teams create more momentum, enthusiasm, loyalty and inspired productivity. People appreciate when companies take care for their time and energy, and companies love the results that wellness inspires.

We know everything starts with how we think and feel, so our programs first address the individual before empowering their work within the organization and their relations to others. Our programs elevate both individual and team wellness and bridge a range holistic methods to address modern workplace issues like work/life balance, collaboration, communication, stress management and productivity. These all-encompassing offerings share experiential education and interactive tools that can be easily transitioned into a daily work/life flow.

Elevation Wellness

Elevation Meditation (30, 45 or 60 Mins)
Our signature guided meditation and discussion helps uplift the work environment, and promotes teamwork, outlook, producivity and healthy stress management. Attendees are empowered with tools and resources to sustain this elevating experience beyond this meditation. Choose a single event, or a weekly, biweekly or monthly program.

Elevation Retreat (3-8 Hours)

Reward you hardworking team, clients, or special groups with a full-on pop-up wellness retreat featuring massage, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, breath work, Reiki energy healing, nutritional discussions, life coaching, facials, non-toxic manicures, and dozens of other wellness and care modalities available. This wellness oasis within your space provides services and education, and can scale to accommodate large groups of employees.

Employee + Executive Elevation Programs

Elevation Session (3 Hours)
Our half-day workshops are created for teams or groups to encourage communication, collaboration, Inspired Productivity and self-care. Workshop features a meditation with breathing and visualization practices, communication and team building exercises, and breakout discussions. Healthy food/beverage can be organized.

Elevation Seminar (1 or 2 Days)
For the greatest impact, immerse your team into a two day seminar that covers personal power, communication and negotiation, leadership, stress/emotional management, inspired productivity, wellness, and maintaining a healthy esteem, culture and work/life balance. This fun and transforming day provides breakthroughs, exercises, resources, sustainable tools and tips to last far beyond the event. Healthy meals, snacks and beverages can also be arranged. This can happen on-site or at an outside venue, which we can also help arranged. Featured programs:

Women at Work

Wellness at Work

Hiring Well

Executive Elevation Workshop (From 3 hours to a full day)
Our Executive Elevation program is tailored to care for and empower the niche needs of those in leadership and organizational upper management roles. We work intimately with a company leader or executive, or with a group of leaders and executives, to empower them with tools based on feeling powerful in mind, body and spirit to more naturally and effectively inspire and influence others in their potential, performance and collaborations. Sessions also gently identify and discuss any blocks or imbalances as part of a communication exercise. The workshop features meditations, constructive conversation and breakout sessions around key issues that offer engaging exercises to leave executives feeling stronger, sounder and more well-equipped. Healthy food/beverages can be organized upon request.

Experiential Elevation

Bring the gift of wellness to guests, members or residents. We provide a diversity of wellness programs and conscious content for hotels, member clubs, real estate buildings and a diversity of communities. Please inquire to learn more.

+ Wellness, adventure and team-building retreats

+ Added experiences like yoga, fun fitness classes, team acupuncture or over 100 other healing modalities.

+ Special offers on corporate wellness partner programs

+ HR consulting and training on “hiring well” and sustaining well work environments

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