Our whole livelihood and surrounding world is better when we are elevated, when we are living light, shining bright and vibrating high frequency energy. Powerful divine moments and interactions happen when we act from this feeling. We are happier, we emit a more peaceful knowing, we make better decisions, we live and love more fully, trust in surrender, move in alignment, and manifest at our finest. No matter who or where we are,  we can always evolving, thus we are always elevating and expanding. Find your power in this! EoE’s comprehensive course is intended to uplift all aspects of your mind, body and spirit to help light the way in feeling more connected, authentic and free. It offers space and guidance to feed, heal, transform and exercise your powers. The wisdom, tools and resources gained in this course can make an immediate impact and guide you through for life. It will help bring forth more clarity, greater awareness, healing and guidance in root issue areas of life including:

 Relationship with self and others

Love, trust and emotions

Lifework and calling

Identity and self-image




Work with EoE to:


Experience EoE:

Three Session Bundle: A three session includes three 2-hour private coaching sessions, guidance, coursework, planning, organization, accountability, resources, and connections. Great for focused goals, intentions, or issues.

One, Two or Three Month Immersion: For more intense work, choose one to three months of personal coaching and coursework, ensuring you fully embody the results and transformations. This includes weekly virtual sessions, coursework, exercises, tools and resources customized for you.

Coming Summer ’17 – Virtual Course: A comprehensive self-guided journey to work through the EoE program at your own pace. The virtual course will include homework, exercises, references and holistic nourishments for the mind, body and spirit. There will be opportunities to take the course with a virtual group so you can gain momentum and support for others on the path.

The Three Essentials of Elevation

Three major steps (and a whole lot of micro-essentials) root the EoE formula.

I. Honor Truth

We honor the truths of life and our own unique truths.  We will work with universal and personal truths to strengthen the foundation of a thriving harmony between our inner and outer worlds. Through understanding and awareness, you will feel more rooted in the seat of your soul, and see everything more simply, with more clarity and possibility. You will also slow down to study your subconscious patterns and habits, your positive and negative balances, and your actions and reactions – and exercise the ability to tune up to higher and greater patterns. This step brings you to create more consciously, being more mindful and steady with your life balance. This work strengthens your intuition, powers and spirit, and helps you attract more incredible opportunities, manifest greater, and coexist in a healthy cycle of giving and living in our ever evolving world.

II. Transcend Illusions

Our work in this step brings awareness and healing to your personal history and the impact of your social history and influences. You will release illusions of fear, negative self imprints and other false belief systems that have became habitual inhabiters of your peace, happiness and potential. We delve into the fears of your ego, emotions, insecurities and self imposed limitations, before moving into a beautiful healing, understanding, trusting and accepting space. This is such a incredibly powerful and transformative step filled with life shifting breakthroughs!

III. Reconnect

This is the illumination, your emergence from your cocoon into a butterfly. The powerful work of the first two steps clears to your foundations, so our intention here is to rebuild you as robust as possible. We begin by detoxing, clearing and simplifying the remnants of our previous work, and then reconnecting with your long lost pieces and passions. In this state you manifest dreams, ideas, businesses and projects more purely. To root these high visions down the Earth, we balance our focus with a study into nourishment through food, movement, passions and lifestyle. You become lighter as your weights shed, making you more free to fly higher and create more fun dreamy scenarios for yourself. We close with Love, the ultimate frequency one can emit and receive. In this final step, you will have accepted personal and universal truths, cracked open you hearts by relinquishing fears, and reconnected with your most beautiful, authentic self. You are stronger, yet more kind and compassionate towards yourself, others and all beings. You know that by existing and creating in this vibration, you are truly limitless. You experience the potential of manifesting and coexisting in this realm of love and consciousness. You love yourself and others wholly, and feel at peace. Although heart-based work is woven through all of EoE, we close by crystalizing our new habits of living in love and consciousness in our everyday lives.

Sessions May Include


All EoE meditations are guided, meaning there are visualizations being spoken interwoven with moments of silence. Endless styles and themes of meditation exist, and we can be in a meditate state while doing just about anything. When we meditate we allow our minds to quiet, and with this our thoughts, judgements, fears and wonders. We exercise our ability to live in the moment in the divine flow, and as a result we strengthen our mind, body and spirit connection. The powerful life practice shows us how to take responsibility for our state of mind and our conditions. The underlying intention of all essentials meditations to inspire elevation and expansion into your life.


Breathing is one of the greatest tools we have. The breath transforms, shifts and influences both our internal and external worlds, shaping our reality as we know it. Even connecting with a single deep belly breath in a world where we tend to shallow our breathing can do wonders. We often tighten up due to stress, circumstance, and the tolls our bodies take from our habits, lifestyles and emotions. When our breathing is shallow, we can experience high blood pressure, mood swings, frusturation, headaches and perform at far below our potential. Breathwork awakens healing energies and calming forces within you, offering an oxygen reset, bringing awareness to the breath, to the body, to the mind, to the moment. Through this awareness we can train and tone ourselves to be calm in any moment, to root back in our strength and to ground ourselves in any situations. Aside from feeling incredible during the exercises, we can start to see the power of our breathing in shaping the world around us.

Intention Work

From the moment we speak firmly on what we want to become a reality, it begins to take shape. Becoming clear on intentions first and then expressing them to the universe are the two most powerful tools of manifesting desires. Intentions are the seeds of every aspect of life and reality, and offer a powerful tool when directed with gratitude.


As we grow, the residuals of life often solidify in our beings as weights, aches or ailments. We may become tense or stiff, causing tremendous impact on our bodies that we may not even be aware of. Not to worry, our bodies are incredibly liquid, fluid and adaptable. They have impeccable cellular memory and intelligence, and can respond quite rapidly to commitment and action. We honor that our bodies are our vehicles designed to help us achieve whatever we desire. We connect with them deeper, love them more thoroughly and learn to listen to and nurture their needs. During our sessions we go through gentle movements to help move around energy to aid in our work. Post-session resources provide many additional tips, exercises and connections.

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness is simply bringing attention to the internal and external experiences of each moment. We practice by focusing exactly what is being done in that precise moment. We essentially train ourselves to live in the moment. While experiencing the present through mindfulness, we calmly observe, acknowledging and accepting our feelings, thoughts and body reactions – without judgement. Practicing mindfulness helps strengthen the abilities to live in the now, and to have better control over our reactions, thoughts and emotions.


This Japanese energy practice with with the energetic fields surrounding the receiver to restore order and balance to their vital energy. When “ki” or chi/life force energy is low, we are more likely to feel stress and develop ailments, thus attracting murkier situations. When it is high, we are happy, healthy and radiant, thus attracting more ideal scenarios. This practice activates the natural healing processes of your body, helps to dissolve energy blocks, and restore physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Reiki healing is based on three principles:

One) There is a universal life force energy that flows through all of life, with no beginning or end. It is the force that causes plants to grow, birds to fly,and each of us to take our next breath. It is like an all encompassing ocean within which all of creation exists.

Two) Universal energy can be accessed in a powerful and intentional way for healing.

Three) The body is programmed to heal itself.

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